Black belts show how it’s done on the mats of the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship

By Newsroom on June 9, 2016
  • Through out the competition by weight divisions at the 2016 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship , some of the highlights of the competition were Bruno Malfacine , who defeated Caio Terra 2×0 on the advantages and won his 8th world Jiu-Jitsu title in the rooster weight division . Rafael Mendes, who def. Márcio André 2×1 on the advantages and won his 6th World Title in the featherweight division , and Leandro Lo, who defeated Romulo Barral by 5X0 and became the 2016 medium-heavyweight black belt champion . At the end of the fight against Lo, very emotional , Romulo Barral tied his belt around Lo’s waist, a symbolism meaning that he is retiring from the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

    Final male black belt

    Photo Mike Tafao

    Photo Mike Tafao

    Aware that he could make history by winning his eighth World title, Bruno Malfacine had to face his old opponent Caio Terra on the finals of the rooster weight division . In one more “business meeting” between the fighters , Bruno used his strategy very well , stoping Caio’s attempts and then opening two advantages . In the end, Terra swept from the bottom, however , Bruno once again remained calm, held his opponent and was crowned the 2016 World Jiu-Jitsu Champion for the 8th time in his career , something that has never happened before.

    Among the light feathers, Paulo Miyao faced Ary Farias, who after winning a MMA fight last March , returned to compete in Jiu-Jitsu. After the first minutes of the battle between the two without major highlights, at the end the audience couldn’t hold the excitement at the Pyramid , when Paulo attempted an omoplata and a leglock attempt by Ary. The fight ended by points with Paulo winning by 4×2 and becoming champion one more time .

    The experienced Rafael Mendes vs rookie Márcio André entered a great dispute for the decision of feathers. ‘Marcinho’ was scoring advantages and through his sweeps, was becoming the champion . However, with a longer experience in the gentle art , Rafa Mendes caught up scoring two advantages during the last moments of the fight and getting Andre’s back, avoiding any attempt from his opponent. Rafael won his 6th World Title. Márcio – from team Nova Uniao – proved that he is one of the top competitors in this weight division and is a strong candidate for the title for the years to come.


    In another battle between an experienced competitor and a beginner , again , experience prevails . Among the lightweights, with an exceptional performance, Lucas Lepri reached a score of 12×0 against Edwin Najmi, and in the last seconds found the opportunity and submitted from the back, winning for the third time a world title in his career – 2007, 2014 and 2016

    In the final of the middle-weight division , Otavio Sousa vs Gabriel Arges, both from Gracie Barra, avoided the action and closed the fight without competing, giving the gold to Otavio.

    In the medium-heavyweight division , one of the most awaited moments of the competition , Leandro Lo gave a show on the sweeps ,reaching the score 5×0 against Romulo Barral. In the final minutes, Lo managed his strategy to get the victory and take another Jiu-Jitsu world title home. At the end , Romulo announced his retirement of the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

    Photo: Mike Tafao

    Romulo Barral retires from the Wold Jiu-Jitsu Championship Photo: Mike Tafao

    After eliminating some tough competitors, Jackson Sousa had his “final test” against André Galvão on the final of the heavyweight division . In a tough fight , Andre Galvao , leader of Atos Jiu-Jitsu Team , got the best result playing from the closed guard and attempting some attacks. This way, referees gave the victory to Galvão. Jackson’s disagreed , and called the referees f
    or an advantage in his favor. But that was it.With the win, multiple times world champion André Galvao – who spent a year focusing on the ADCC – earns the fourth jiu-jitsu world title in his career.





    Among the super-heavyweights , Léo Nogueira battled Alex Ceconi for the title. After a tough beginning , Leo used some good sweeps and scored two advantages.Soon after, looked for a half guard position to stop Alex’s attacks , winning gold in another World Championship .

    DAY 4 MUNDIAL FINALS-12 copy

    In the Ultra Heavy division , before defeating Erberth Santos in the Absolute final , the beast Marcus Buchecha fought James Puopolo. With some incredible moves , the athlete from CheckMat didn’t even look like he was coming from an injury – after a year away from the mats – and submitted the Puopolo with an armbar in about 3 minutes of combat.


    Male Black Belts Division

    ROOSTER : Bruno Malfacine defeated Caio Terra by 2-0 in the advantages (0x0 in points)
    LIGHT FEATHER: Paulo Miyao defeated Ary Farias by 4×2 in points
    FEATHER : Rafael Mendes defeated Marcio André 2×1 in advantages (8×8 in points)
    LIGHT : Lucas Lepri submitted Edwin Najmi back
    MIDDLE : Otavio Sousa took gold after closing the fight with Gabriel Arges
    MEDIUM HEAVY: Leandro Lo defeated Romulo Barral 5×0 in points
    HEAVY : André Galvão defeated Jackson Sousa by decision (2-2 in points)
    SUPER-HEAVY: Léo Nogueira defeated Alex Ceconi by 2-0 in benefits
    ULTRA-HEAVY: Marcus Buchecha submitted James Puopolo in a armbar