2016 Abu Dhabi World Pro – Results

By Newsroom on April 24, 2016
Photo : Diogo SantaremPhoto : Diogo Santarem
  • The 2016 Abu Dhabi World Pro came to an end on Saturday (23) , and the champions were Felipe Preguiça (Gracie Barra) and Tayane Porfírio (Alliance). They took home the prize of $30,000 each.
    After losing on his weight division (up to 94kg) to Erberth Santos, Preguiça returned with blood in his eyes to the absolute final and gave no chance to José Junior, from the UAEJJ Team. Preguiça pressed, took the lead in points and, at the last minute, pulled off a tight armbar submitting José Junior and wining the gold in the open weight division.

    Tayane passed the guard of Bia Mesquita early in the fight to score her points. Then she pressed the whole time and did not give room to Bia, who had also triumphed in their division before.

    Tayane had a little more work to do and had to fight six minutes to defeat the tough Bia Mesquita by 3-0 in points in the female brown / black belt.

    In the brown belt absolute division , the highlight was Nicholas Meregali, Mários Reis pupil , defeated Rudson Teles by 2-0 points , winning double gold . He also won the weight class up to 94kg by beating Matheus Spirandeli.

    As for the purple belt, the highlights were Gabrielle Mc Lima and Gustavo Batista – both winning by submission .Katharina Araujo and Luis Carmo triumphed in blue, and Sonia Romaldi and Naser Omar Barshid in white.

    Results :

    Male Open division

    White belt – Naser Omar Barshid
    Blue Belt – Luis Carmo
    Purple Belt – Gustavo Batista submitted Pedro Elias
    Brown Belt – Nicholas Meregali won Rudson Teles by 2×0 nos points
    Black Belt – Felipe Preguiça submitted José Junior

    Female Open division

    White Belt – Sonia Romaldi
    Blue Belt – Katharina Araujo
    Purple Belt – Gabrielle Mc Lima submitted Renata Moreira
    Brown / Black  Belt – Tayane Porfírio defeated Bia Mesquita by 3×0 points

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