LEaO OPTiCS – An apparel company specialized in Bamboo Sunglasses

By Newsroom on December 12, 2016
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  • Our roots are based on our passion for jiu jujitsu and the SoCal lifestyle and our product are a reflection of that.

    “LEaO” which is “Lion” in Portuguese is reference to the heart and dedication required to survive and progress on the mat.  The symbolic Red and White strip on the black is the pinnacle of progression in the BJJ world.  The respect given to the journey to the illustrious black belt is always held in high value in the hearts and minds of the “Jiujiteiro” and LEaO OPTiCS has made that symbol of achievement a staple of our brand in love and regards to the Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle.

    SoCal has become the new Mecca for the jiu jitsu scene with many of the top players moving to Southern California to teach jiu jitsu and further grow the sport.  Not to mention the weather in Lifestyle here is hard to hate.  LEaO OPTiCS is merging the two together with quality and style never seen before in the community when it comes to eye wear.

    Natural materials of Bamboo is our bread and butter and we believe that no other material could truly reflect the history and traditions of “Martial Arts” as well as the layback culture of the SoCal beach scene.

    Established in 2015 in Oceanside California we are committed to offering unique apparel to an industry and collection of like minded invidules that we hold dear to our hearts.

    Lionel Turner